Fun Halloween treats with wrapped candy!

I LOVE Halloween and I REALLY love all of the cute Halloween treats that I have been seeing in the ” Blog World” these past weeks.  I do plan on making some homemade Halloween treats for my husband to take to his Halloween lunch at work. 
However, What about cute things to give to Trick or Treaters?  These days you cannot just make cute homemade treats to give out.  I would not want my child bringing home non wrapped goods unless I knew exactly where they came from. 
My baby is due on Halloween, so I might not get to give out candy this year, I decided to make some ” Boo Bags” for some neighbors.  Since I was going to be dropping these off anonymously, I wanted to make sure I was using store bought goods.  
First I made these cute monster Hershey bars!
I started with a king sized Hershey bars. I attached some craft foam with double sided tape.
I then decorated the candy bars with googly eyes and Puffy Paint. I played around with the designs. I went with a monster theme.

Next, I purchased chocolate eye balls and made cute little favors with the eye balls.  These are easy and a little special something you can give to your Trick or Treators.

Hope you like these! I am sure there are many other treats you can come up with using candy that is wrapped! ( its sad that these rules have been established, because everyone loves homemade treats. But thats just the era in which we live)



  1. How cute! I really like these ideas. Oh, by the way, isn't eerie with two e's? Just thought I'd throw it out there in case! I might be wrong. 🙂


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