Bra and Panty cookies

This summer has been the summer of babies! Out of our close group of friends, which has about 9 couples, 5 of us are expecting!  ( all due within 3 months)    Because of the babies, or maybe its because our husbands also all turned 30 this summer, We just don’t party like we used to!
Our friend Brad had his bachelor party this weekend. Knowing our husbands don’t ( are not allowed) to party like they used to.  I decided to make these cookies for his BBQ.  ( After e-mailing between the girls for a day, we decided that a little scandalous cookie would not hurt anything)
I made a simple shortbread recipe, cut it in 1/2. I added lemon juice to one bowl for flavoring and chocolate to the other.
I used a heart cookie cutter for the outline.

I decorated the cookies with these.  These were really easy to use. I usually would make my own frosting, but I am moving in 2 weeks and most of my stuff is packed away.

These are the finished product! ( In my next life I am going to become an underwear designer)



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