Modge Podge Concentration game!

My Nephew Kyle is turning 1…and I wanted to make him a Homemade gift!

 I do not see him  nearly enough, so I decided to make Kyle a ” Concentration game” using pictures of members of the family, so he will learn to remember us when we see him.

First. I ordered some blocks of wood with rounded corners. from the Etsy store  I thought these looked better then what was available in the craft stores.
I found pictures of all of Kyle’s family members and “Modge Podged” Them onto the wooden squares
Kyle’s “Aunt Kristen” ( me)
“Uncle Greg” ( My husband)
“Uncle Greg and Aunt Kristen” ( I used several other pictures of family members, but I really don’t like to post pictures of other people without their permission)
I Modge Podged the back side of the game cards, and decorated with Puffy Paint.
I included instructions with the game.
I packed everything away in a box.
And Personalized the box for Kyle.
You should have been there when Kyle opened his gift….his reaction to all the pictures was soooo cute!! And hopefully when he learns to talk, he will know who we all are!!



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