Candy Sushi!

Well I do work at an insurance company 40 hours a week. I need to make life interesting some way!

1) I LOVE the people I work with, so that helps alot
2) I really do like my job….but Its insurance….
Once a month we have these amazing food days ( that really do get out of control) But I do like to ” Go outside of the box” when we have them…It gives me an opportunity to try something new and fun!

This Candy sushi I made for treat day at work really  went over big!  ( In fact, this picture was taken by my supervisor and got e-mailed to our vice president in Minneapolis) ( Is it a good thing to be known as the one who made the candy sushi?)

Here is how you make them ( I am a right brainer, so this is how I write out recipes) ( I also assume that people should be smart enough to figure it out without me giving you exact measurements)

1) Make a thin layer of rice cereal treats ( and NO, they don’t have to be the brand name Rice Krispees. I’m frugal, I get the generic brand)

2) Wrap them around Gummy worms and cut them into sushi sized pieces

3) Wrap the sushi sized piece with some fruit roll up ( I used fruit by the foot)

4) Decorate the pieces with Nerds candy, Pull and Peel licorice, and Swedish fish

Here is a picture that might help you!!

Have Fun!!!


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