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I have been blogging for two years.  My favorite time of the blogging season is Valentines day.  I LOVE seeing all the cute slogans that other bloggers come up with for Valentines day. They are so CUTE! My son is only 14 months old, but when he hands out Valentines when he gets to school, they are going to be SO CUTE.  Because I already have a gazillion Valentine ideas that I just LOVE! I am going to start sharing with you more and more Valentines Day ideas as the weeks go on.   I have to … [Read more...]

Valentines day Coffee cup


Last year, I made my husband DIY beer labels for Valentines day.  And oh how our lives have changed since last year! Now that we have a little one, Greg's beverage of choice is coffee, not beer!I decided that I will surprise him with a special Valentines day travel cup that he can take to work with him on Valentines day!I purchased a pack of disposable " to go" coffee cups from the store  and took off the cup liner. I then traced the cup liner on a piece of cardstock . I then used a heart cookie … [Read more...]

Valentine Bagel


There have been some pretty neat Valentines food items in " Blog World" this Valentines day season.  Heart shaped breakfast, lunch and dinner. Heart shaped snacks, eggs, vegetables and meat. And of course every baked good one can think of has been turned into a heart. If you don't have time for hours of baking, or if your family is too busy for a sit down breakfast.....There is still hope that you might be able to serve a special Valentines day treat! I present The Valentines day Bagel! ( and … [Read more...]

Valentine Food Extravaganza!


I have decided that anything can be heart shaped if you want it to be.  This Valentines day season on "Make the best of everything" I have been showing off my heart shaped goodies for Valentines day.  On my Blog, you might have noticed  myHeart shaped tortilla chips                                                                            Heart shaped potato skinsHeart shaped tortilla chips and potato skins, just to name a few. It turns out that a heart shaped cookie cutter can be used for … [Read more...]

Heart shaped frozen Banana pops


Have you ever had frozen bananas?  I was introduced to frozen bananas by a magazine called YM when I was a preteen.  ( I do not think this magazine still exists) Freezing bananas is an extremely healthy way to have a treat!I used my smallest heart cookie cutter to make some heart shaped frozen banana pops!And its Easy!I used a banana and a pack of lolly pop sticks.  I used my mini heart cookie cutter to cut hearts in the banana. Then, I wrapped them up in tinfoil and froze them for about 2 … [Read more...]

Baby food Valentines


2011 was a BIG year of babies among people I know! Including me! I had my little boy on October 30 ,2011.But before that, four of my good friends and three of my cousins all had baby girls!!!I thought it would be super cute if my son, being the only boy in the group, sent Valentines to all his little girlfriends and girl cousin playmates!I might be creating a monster with this.....or maybe he will grow up and get mad at me for doing this to him. Who knows. I came up with baby food Valentines for … [Read more...]

Heart shaped potato skins!


Now presenting another heart shaped treat from my kitchen! Also, I won't be offended if you all think I have completely gone off the deep end!My husband was surprised last night when he came home to find yet another heart shaped meal in January!And I know I said " healthy" Valentines day treats for my Valentines day food extravaganza. But I served these with a very colorful salad. These actually turned out much nicer than I thought they would. I cut a potato into slices. ( Two of these slices … [Read more...]

Heart shaped tortilla chips


Heart shapes are not only for Valentines Day!  You can make heart shaped snacks for birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries or just because!I made my " Homemade tortilla chips", but made thm heart shaped!I followed my " Homemade tortilla chips" recipe. you can find it Here. I used my heart cookie cutter to cut corn tortillas into hearts. I served it with some " Hot" Salsa!Easy. AND super cute! P.SLooking for more traffic on your blog?  I am ALWAYS looking for fun recipes and projects to share … [Read more...]

Heart shaped apples


Welcome to the second edition to The Valentines day food extravaganza 2012!Here is a simple way to make a  healthy Valentines day treat for your family!Valentine Hearts are Red.  Apples are also red.  I sliced apples. excluding the core. Used this cookie cutter to make hearts out of the apples.  For the larger hearts, I just used a knife to cut out hearts. Heart healthy! … [Read more...]

Valentine Pasta Dinner


Hello. Welcome to Valentines day season 2012!  I have only been blogging for about a year now, and I have decided that Valentines day is by far my favorite time of the blogging year! Its all about the love people!This is the first post for 2012's " Valentines day food extravaganza!" I have been brainstorming Valentines day food for some time! If you have any fun Valentines day food that you would like me to share with my followers and Facebook followers, please e-mail … [Read more...]