Pumpkin Spice Tortilla Chips & Kitchen Aid Giveaway!


Pumpkin Spice Tortilla Chips are a healthier way to enjoy pumpkin this season.  These homemade tortilla chips can be a great recipe to make with your kiddos AND a fun way to spice up any Autumn spread  I just wanted Pumpkin Spice Something without consuming a gazillion grams of sugar.  So I made these:)  and I am Sorry and Not sorry that I am contributing to our society's #pumpkinobesssion  I often think of new recipes in the evenings when I am rocking my baby to sleep. ( 8 months old). … [Read more...]

Flourless Squash and Peanut Butter Cookies


I survived 6 days with my littles all ALONE!  My husband had to go to China for his finance job, and I was holding the fort down ALL ALONE!  ( well, I was the only adult here).  :)  Greg arrived home last night, and was home most of the day with us.  I decided to prepare some food for the first time in those 6 days.  ( I am all about hoarding healthy meals in the freezer and  quickly defrosting them when he is traveling.  It's basically out of necessity.)  But Today I decided to get the … [Read more...]

Caramel Green Apple Chips


I realize that it's still August and super hot.  But I keep seeing Halloween costumes displayed in stores and the kids in my town have been back in school for almost a week.  That is CRAZY! In addition to pumpkin everything, crunchy leaves, cooler weather and football,  I am also looking forward to caramel apples and really just apples in general. I LOVE dehydrated apples.  my mom  always made dehydrated apple slices at least once a year.  They are soooo flavorful,  packed with … [Read more...]

DIY Rotisserie Chicken


This DIY Rotisserie chicken tastes similar  to a chicken you would pick up from the grocery store on a busy night.  Also,   It can be prepped and placed in a slow cooker in less time than it would take you to buy a chicken at the store.  You get a bigger chicken that tastes even better!  Don't know what to make for dinner?  Is it going to be a pizza night? Peanut butter and jelly?  Or will you run into your local grocery store and pick up one of those AMAZING smelling rotisserie chickens? … [Read more...]

Peach and Almond Milkshake


What can I say?  Last week I purchased a new fancy blender.  And I am OBSESSED with it!   OBSESSED! I had blended these healthy/frozen yogurt/ smoothie/ shakes in the $30.00 blender that I registered for when I got married 8 years ago.  It has been a wonderful blender, but I have been too hard on it.  Blending Handfuls of frozen fruit all stuck together n'such.  It was time to move on. If you thought I was going a little overboard on healthy blender treats.  Well, I am afraid to tell you, … [Read more...]

Crispy Siracha Chicken


Adding Siracha sauce AND yogurt is a great way to add a little kick to your chicken.  The yogurt really calms the siracha down in a way that is enjoyable for everyone.  I really love spice.  My family might laugh at me when I make that statement.  Some members of my family don't think I can handle heat.  But I can.  Just as long as it's the right kind of heat. Like Curry.  Mixed with sticky rice. And Siracha. Mixed with Yogurt. Siracha Yogurt Crispy Baked … [Read more...]

Healthy Onion Dip


Lately, I have been eating A LOT of Greek Yogurt.  I will admit, that I was not convinced I would like Greek Yogurt for a while.  But, it's growing on me.   I have been using it in recipes that call for mayo or sour cream.  Most of these substitutions have turned out satisfactory. But, do I dare use Greek yogurt as the main component in my favorite dip?   " I will most certainly be adding some mayo to this"  I figured as I made a caramelized onion dip with ONLY Greek Yogurt! "It will … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Hummus


I am always trying to come up with new and fun recipes.  It's kind of funny that I am posting a hummus recipe on this blog because hummus is totally Ten Years Ago!  I discovered Hummus when I went to cross-country camp as a high school student ( summer of 2000).  And yes, since I was talking about high school I do have the right to the word Totally -thank you very much! The other day, it was 5:00 and my toddler was begging for dinner. BUT I was trying to wait until my husband got home from … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Chip Baked Chicken Fingers


I am going retro on you today! See, I  found all these photos deep down in my computer that I thought I lost!  Including about 100 pictures I took of my older son last year a day or so before we moved out of our last house!  AND including photos from about 5 recipes that I really enjoyed and never posted! I was really upset when I thought I lost these photos.  I really have no idea how they magically appeared back in my photo program.  I'll take it! ( Hey, I have never been known to … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato – Grain Free Brownies


I know  that it's just the beginning of August. But, I am kind of counting down the days till Everything pumpkin starts again. I know that I just posted a recipe last week on how to make a Healthy Coffee Frappe. But I will probably be at Starbucks over labor day weekend pushing people out of my way. ( okay not pushing) to get a pumpkin drink. AND I will probably be searching pinterest like the good pinner that I am for all the new pumpkin recipes for the blogger fall season.  ( LOVE … [Read more...]