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In Early 2011, I had just finished up a 3 year run as a Girl Scout leader in my community.  I was working a 40 hour a week ” Desk Job”.  But desperately needed another creative outlet.  Back then, I knew very little about the blogging world.  One random day, I hopped onto google and created a blog, not necessarily thinking about the name or what my specialty would be.  I quickly posted my first post. and thought this ‘blogging thing ‘was maybe something I would enjoy. 
Over three years, two children, two moves around the state of Iowa and hundreds of creative projects later.  I am hooked.  I LOVE being a creative blogger.  It is great brain exercise for my creative self.  I am CONSTANTLY thinking of new things to ” create” whether it be food related, a way to make life better and happier,  or a fun craft, activity or gift idea to make the kids in my life happier.  It is so much fun! 

Here are 5 things about me and my blog that will Help you understand ” Make The Best of Everything”

1.) I grew up right outside of Chicago, but went to college in Iowa.  I have lived out here in the ” Sticks” since. 

2) I majored in Political Science.  Hence, I am a nerd.  And proud of it.  I watch things like Nova, the PBS news hour and sometimes, Star Trek.  I have never seen a episode of ” Real Housewives” Ever. 

3) I have been married almost 8 years.  I have two young boys.  E and J.  Sometimes you will see pictures of them on my blog.  But You will usually only see the back of their heads, or their hands.  I don’t want to plaster them all over the internet. 

4) “Make the Best of Everything” started out as a craft blog and migrated into a recipe blog.  I mostly post recipes.  I will post a cute craft now and then. 

5) I truly believe that the Happiest, Healthiest People ” Make the Best of Everything”.  It is a great attitude to have throughout this life.