Indoor Fruit Picking- Toddler Activity


This winter, I have been ” Pinteresting” my way through every reasonable toddler activity.  It’s March.  And there is still about a foot of snow on the ground here in Northeast Iowa.  I am feeling hopeful though, because there has to be and end to this soon.  I am feeling very optimistic when I notice the sun still shining close to 5:30 PM.

I have been stuck in the house with my boys.  My 28 month old Boy and my 2 month old boy.  I have done my best to ” Make the Best of Everything”.  And actually, I can say I have not gone insane :)

The other week, my two-year old begged me to go outside to he could play on his swing-set and go cherry picking.  Last summer, we went cherry picking while on vacation in Wisconsin.


I keep telling him, ” We can go outside and play when the snow melts”.  But he doesn’t quite understand this yet.   One day, I decided to make some quick felt cherries so he could go Cherry Picking.  In our Kitchen.


I had some felt heart Valentines Day Garland leftover from a toddler Valentines Day party we hosted at our house.  I took it apart and made the hearts into cherries. This took just a few minutes.  You could also make Cherries freehand out of felt.  They don’t need to be perfect either.  Kids can use their imaginations. :)


I drew a cherry tree on our Chalkboard wall.  DON’T worry, you do NOT need a chalkboard wall to pull this off!  You can make a felt tree ( this will work best, the fruit will stick).  You can draw a tree on a cardboard box.  You can draw a tree on shipping paper and tape it to the wall.  YOU DON’T really need a tree at all.  You can PRETEND there is a tree.  Kids like to play PRETEND. :)  I should know, my 28 month old PRETENDS that he is fighting dragons in his room when he supposed to be taking a nap.

I taped the cherries on the wall.  I didn’t want to go through the effort of making a felt tree unless I knew he would like this activity.  He did. ( one day, when I leave the house, I will have to make a felt tree.)

Since our cherry picking day, We have also picked Limes and Lemons off this tree.  We have also picked felt blueberries off a bush and picked grapes off a vine. ( not pictured).  We have also turned ALL the felt fruit into a fruit salad.


Felt makes great pretend food.  This is also a great way to encourage healthy eating.  My kid had a blast picking fruit indoors.  Maybe we can pick the REAL thing soon. :)




  1. Jenni E. says

    This is GENIUS!! I never would have thought to do that. I know we’re all tired of being stuck indoors. My little guy does NOT enjoy playing in the snow – at all. So, it’s been a very indoorsy winter for us. Can’t wait for summer to get here so we can swim!!
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