Dried Citrus Christmas Ornaments



Last weekend I asked my blog’s Facebook Community  for fun cheap Christmas ornament ideas.  You see, after 7 years of marriage, this is the first time my husband and I will put up a Christmas tree.   We have never spent Christmas at home, Plus our son is now 2,  he will think something is fishy if we don’t have a Christmas tree.

I am not a big ” item” collector.  I would never go out and just buy ” things that are cute”.  Mostly because I am not organized enough for all that ” stuff”.  But also, because I would rather keep sentimental items that special people in my life give me, and not just ” things”.

ANYWAY, thank-you to all my readers that gave me some suggestions.  I plan to try most of the suggestions left on my page.  BUT some of you left comments about food.  cranberries, cinnamon.  popcorn.   My FAVORITE winter food is Citrus fruits, specifically ultra juicy oranges!

How cute would it be to dehydrate oranges to make Christmas ornaments?

Last night I cut 4 oranges into the thinnest slices possible.  ( along with 1 grapefruit I had around)



And I put them in my food dehydrator overnight.



And today, I was pleasantly surprised with some amazing looking Christmas ornaments.



I simply just made a tiny hole in each one with a fondue stick and made a hanger using twine.


I thought the oranges looked quite good.  (  AND, yes, I did attempt to eat one.  It was a little dry. LOL)




The grapefruit ornament didn’t look too shabby either :) .




Some of the lopsided slices turned out a little funny looking, but you will get that.  All in all I love the way these turned out.  I think i will make some more!



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