Words I Wish I wrote #13

I decided to change my ” Words I Wish I Wrote” Posts to Friday instead of Sunday nights.  It just turns out that I have free time most Thursday nights but barely any free time on Sundays to write them.  Also, I like to introduce a new craft or recipe at the beginning of the week and ” Words I Wish I Wrote” was just caught in the mix.

I have had a great week.  I just got back from Chicagoland tonight.   I attended the baptism of my new nephew Jacob ( who had not received ANY homemade gifts from me yet).  I also took my son to a bunch of those indoor ” play places” they have around Chicagoland, shopped and went to STARBUCKS!

Now that I have a child, packing and unpacking for small trips takes such a long time ( How do you people with multiple children survive?) So I hope to have time for a few kitchen experiments in the midst of putting the house back together!

Here are some ” Words I wish I wrote!”

Recipe ” I Wish I wrote”  

These Sweet Potato Casserole Bites  were my inspiration for my Sweet Potato Smores . I love this idea for a winter appetizer!  Please visit Dine and Dish to check them out!

Quote ” I wish I wrote”

Ok, so maybe there are other quotes that I REALLY wish I wrote.  but this just made me laugh out loud because I always think this when I see those sticker families!


Kids Craft ” I Wish I wrote” 

I saw this cute peanut butter and jelly game over at Family and Home Life. and thought ” Why didn’t I think of that?”.  I might need to make something like this!


DIY ” I Wish I Wrote”. 

One of these days I plan to get all crafty with DIY furniture.  Maybe my husband will come home to these dipped stools. I love these!


I hope you all have a great weekend!  I plan on conducting some food science experiments and maybe get started on nephew #4’s birthday gift!



  1. Julie says

    When you have more than one you get a little less particular about things. You realise there is not enough time in the universe to do EVERYTHING. The earlier you realise this the better for your sanity :)

  2. Kristen says

    Thanks for including the sweet potato bites link!
    That PB&J game is so cute… will have to check it out as I know I have at least 2 kids who would love it!

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