Olive you

I have been blogging for two years.  My favorite time of the blogging season is Valentines day.  I LOVE seeing all the cute slogans that other bloggers come up with for Valentines day. They are so CUTE!

My son is only 14 months old, but when he hands out Valentines when he gets to school, they are going to be SO CUTE.  Because I already have a gazillion Valentine ideas that I just LOVE!

I am going to start sharing with you more and more Valentines Day ideas as the weeks go on.   I have to think up something good for my husband.  Heart shaped pepperoni doesn’t impress him anymore.

I so wish that I had a better picture of this pizza, but this is the Valentines Day Pizza I made my husband for Valentines Day 2o12.  I only took a photo with my phone.

My husband really enjoyed this Valentines day dinner.  He happens to be partial to olives.

Since I am always making special gifts and crafts for so many people, My husband Greg loves when I think outside the box when celebrating holidays:)


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