A ” Play teacher” kit

If you read my blog, then you know that Making homemade gifts for the kids in my life is my favorite thing to do!  My nephew Adam has one of the biggest imaginations out of any child I know!  He is a very caring boy who really loves playing with his younger siblings.  Adam is in first grade.  I thought I would make him a ” play teacher” kit so he can help teach his younger siblings at home.

In the past, Adam has received  a Homemade detective kit,  a Red Box movie kit and a Pirates map from me.  As he turns 7, I know he still enjoys these gifts that help him play pretend.  It’s making me a little sad that next year he might be ” too cool” for one of my presents!

The box that Adam’s teacher kit comes in is my FAVORITE part!  Its a box that I painted with chalkboard paint!  Adam will be able to have a chalkboard for when he plays school!  I painted the box that my computer came in.  It was a very sturdy glossy cardboard.  Chalkboard paint will work on paper mache boxes, shoe boxes or wooden boxes.  Just make sure that the box you use is sturdy.  I painted this box with a roller.

Also included in Adam’s teacher kit  are a Hall pass, Highlighters, an American Flag and Flashcards for Adam to make his students.

I found this adorable colored map of the United States over at Mr. Printables. to include in Adam’s Teacher kit.

There are so many teacher websites where you can find printables online.  Included in Adam’s teacher kit is an attendance form,  a grading form and permission slips.   When Adam is playing school with his siblings, I thought It would be cute if they took pretend field trips in addition to playing pretend in the classroom.   After making Audrey’s pizza restaurant for Adam’s sister.  I have observed that the kids love using the guest checks in that kit.  I think it’s because they are writing in forms like adults would use.

I found some ” Star Student” certificates  and stickers in the dollar section at Target.  Every teacher needs stickers to give their students!

I also made a quick felt apple to include in Adam’s kit.  I am sure Adam will be such a good teacher that his students will want to give him this apple!

I Included this piece of paper in the teacher kit so Adam will know why I put everything him his kit.

I placed all the items in the Chalkboard Box and sent this package this afternoon!

I hope he likes it!






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