Pomegranate Ice Cubes

I had a recipe all ready to make that involved a Plum.  My local grocery store does not have plums now.  So I picked up a pomegranate instead.  I am glad I did because then I realized that my baby boy had never eaten one before!  He was sitting in his high chair as I cut open the pomegranate, and I could not remove those seeds fast enough!  He gobbled them up and wanted more!

I purchased this heart candy mold several years ago for Thanksgiving.  several years ago= about 4 years ago. when I made heart-shaped garlic butter for Thanksgiving.  I have meant to make heart ice cubes for a while now.  I thought it would be super cute to make pomegranate ice cubes for the holiday season!

I have skimmed articles online about easy ways to peel pomegranates.  I ignored them and peeled my pomegranate like an amateur.

And yes, my hands did get very sticky! And Also my son and I were both chowing down on these sweet little seeds as this was going on!

I placed about 3 or 4 seeds in each heart.

I froze the ice cubes for an afternoon.

I was surprised at how easy these came out!  ( I guess I should mention that I also thought this was the right kind of mold for cream cheese mints once. HA HA. THOSE didn’t turn out so well)

I think these turned out to be so cute!  What an adorable way to dress up a Spitzer or a clear soda during the holidays.  These would also be cute for a Valentines Day party!





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