Apples in a Blanket

” Apples in a blanket”  was an experiment.  My husband and I received a gift of Wisconsin cheeses from some of our good friends, and I wanted to serve a few slices of it with some apples for an accompaniment with supper.   Then I was in the grocery store, and the idea of wrapping this combo up with filo dough sounded good.

Wait.  I live in Southeast Iowa now.  Not the “Hoity Toity” Chicago Suburbs anymore.  My grocery store doesn’t carry things like filo dough.

So I opted for some pre made crescent rolls.  But I didn’t want TOO much crescent roll on each apple.  Just enough.

So I rolled out the crescent dough to make it much thinner and just twisted it around each apple and cheddar combo.  I usually don’t serve my family “Finger Food”.  But Thursday night of last week was an exception.

And then there is Christmas occurring next week.  I must tell you that I really don’t get too excited about Christmas Hams, Turkeys or even mashed potatoes.  But I happen to LOVE finger foods!

Whats one way to make a perfectly healthy apple into something ” Not so good” for you?  Add cheddar cheese and wrap it in a crecent roll!  LOL

I baked these at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes.  You will want to take them out when the crescent roll starts to brown to your satisfaction.

I used a spreader from my knife collection to remove these safely from my baking pan.

And I must tell you. These are a sweet Ooey Gooey Treat!  I just LOVE how cheddar pares with apples!

My husband Greg.  He wasn’t sure what these were when they were served.  But he Ate most of them when my back was turned.  He really liked them.  But really, whats not to like about ANYTHING wrapped up in a crescent roll?

And my 13 month old son also ate his and pounded on his high chair tray for more!

And although I usually try to keep things like ” Crecent rolls” out of my cooking.  Once in a while is okay:)


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