Decorate a wine glass using nail polish!

My friend, and co worker gave me this idea.  I wanted to get a special wine glass for my friend, who will be celebrating her birthday!  You can buy those painted wine glasses at the store, that cost about $25.00 each.  I decided to try making my own!
I found this wine glass at the “Dollar Tree” for a dollar, and I also found this ” art deco” nail polish to decorate with. I also found this nail polish at the dollar store.   I have always heard of using nail polish to decorate glass with.  This nail polish works better than other kinds, because the brush is tall and skinny. 
Since this was my first time trying this, I tried to keep the design simple.
I really liked the result. I guess we will find out for sure if this was successful for sure when I attempt to wash it. ( by hand of course)

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  1. Francheye Mackey says

    If you preheat the oven to 400 and bake the finished glass for 10 mins. the art work becomes permanant and will not wash off! *Nail Polish must be dry before baking*

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