Wine Cork Magnets

 I was walking around Ben Franklin today, looking for inspiration. I saw magnets. The first idea that popped into my  head was to make wine cork magnets! ( I have a box filled with used corks, and I had been thinking about what to do with them for some time.)

This project is SO very easy. All you need are corks, magnets, and a hot glue gun. ( and other decorative items if you choose)
Choose some wine corks.
Glue the magnets on them.  I added some twine for a simplisic effect. I thought about more decorating, but thought they looked good simple.
Here are some of the Cork Magnets holding up a photo of my grandmother and her sister.


  1. Jennifer says

    Stopping by from Somewhat Simple. Wow, great use for corks! I always save mine thinking I'll do something with them, but they always end up sitting in a glass piece. I think I'll make a few of these! Thanks for sharing!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. ...with ♥, SB says

    This is a FABULOUS IDEA! WOW, why didn't i think of that. I have many corks that I have saved hoping for a great project to come up. Thank you so much for sharing!

    o. and im a new follower!

  3. Nicole Mendez at Mendez Manor says

    This is the first time I have been to your blog and I love the idea! I would love to use one of your photos in my blog about how to decorate with wine corks! I was thinking about posting it tomorrow and would of course give credit to you! Love the blog…stop by to check out mine if you have some time!

  4. sarah says

    I tried this today and had no luck with the magnets I bought. I bought the flat strip and cut them to size but they weren’t strong enough and the hot glue wouldn’t hold….what am I doing wrong? suggestions?! I have lots of corks and thought this was so cute!

  5. admin says

    I would try the thicker circle magnets. I used those for this project. Those flat strips don’t work very well.


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